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MASTERS OF CHANTILLY: July 8-11, 2021.

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Masters de Chantilly 8 - 11 Juillet 2021
Sponsor Officiel, Official Timepiece et Sponsor Titre du Grand Prix

7 Audi
2004-2010 Bruxelles
3 Rolex
Top 10 Finale
2008-2011 Bruxelles - Paris

6 Gucci
2009-2014 Paris
3 Longines
Hong Kong
2013-2015 Hong Kong
1 Longines
Los Angeles
2014 Los Angeles

2 Longines Masters
of Los Angeles
2015-2016 Los Angeles
5 Longines Masters
of Paris
2015-2019 Paris
4 Longines Masters
of Hong Kong
2016-2019 Hong Kong
2 Longines Masters
of New York
2018-2019 New York
1 Longines Masters
of Lausanne
2019 Lausanne

Our story

  • 1997 The Ecuries d'Ecaussinnes

    It all started back in 1997, when Christophe Ameeuw, a passionate equestrian, founded the Ecuries d'Ecaussinnes.

    Highly reputed, the stables play a key international role in horse-trading, high standard breeding, training-clinics and propose an innovative leasing of sport horses.

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  • 2004 The Audi Masters

    Organizing show jumping events was a natural follow up to Christophe's passion for this sport.

    He made his debuts in 2004, when with the Pessoa family he took over and relaunched the Jumping de Bruxelles (known as the Audi Masters), an event dear to him, as it was where his passion for horses was born as a child.

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  • 2009 EEM World & The Gucci Paris Masters

    In 2009 he created EEM World and with his know-how and event marketing expertise decided to salvage the Jumping de Paris, which had been interrupted for years.

    Building a partnership with the luxury fashion house of Gucci - who made a come back to the world of equestrianism after a 20-year absence - EEM World launched the Gucci Paris Masters alongside the Salon du Cheval, the most important horse related exhibition in France. The challenge was overwhelming but the event became a major success.

    The Gucci Paris Masters welcomes up to 50.000 visitors to witness spectacular sporting action and entertainment over four days of world class competition and shows, and enjoys a worldwide audience of 550 millions households, far more than any other equestrian competition.

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  • 2013 Masters Grand Slam Indoor & The Longines Hong Kong Masters

    After 4 successful editions of the Gucci Paris Masters, recognized as the most prestigious international indoor show jumping event, Christophe Ameeuw, decided to make his dream come true and unroll the Masters Grand Slam indoor concept in three continents, adding Hong Kong and Los Angeles to the world renowned Parisian event.

    On March 2013 the inaugural Longines Hong Kong Masters, the first international 5* show jumping competition in Asia since the 2008 Beijing Olympics, was an overwhelming success.


    Christophe Ameeuw commented:
    " It has always been my dream to bring show jumping to the forefront of the international scene and give our wonderful and spectacular sport the awareness and visibility it deserves. The Masters Grand Slam Indoor concept, inspired by tennis, was created with that in mind ".

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  • 2014 Longines Masters of Los Angeles

    In 2014, EEM conquers a third continent as the Masters unrolls its red carpet in America for the first time. The inaugural edition of the Longines Masters of Los Angeles was the first CSI 5* on the West Coast and rated the best indoor event in North America. In a TV news report about the Masters of Los Angeles, top US sport media ESPN headlined Show Jumping the "NEXT BIG USA SPORT."

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  • 2014 Masters Grand Slam FEI approval

    In 2014, December the 11th during its General Assembly in Baku, the Masters Grand Slam Series was officially approved by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI). As of 2015, the Longines Grands Prix of Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Paris form a new extraordinary sporting challenge.

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  • 2014 Creation of the Masters Grand Slam Super Bonus

    The world's best riders and horses will compete for one million dollars in prize money at each leg of the series. In addition, any rider who consecutively wins the Longines Masters Grands Prix in Paris, Hong Kong and Los Angeles will be rewarded with the Masters Grand Slam Super Bonus.

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  • 2015 Creation of the Longines Masters

    The 23rd of June 2015, EEM and the Swiss watchmaker Longines, partner to the most beautiful sporting events in the world, announced the creation of the Longines Masters on three continents. Already the title partner and official timekeeper of the Longines Masters of Hong Kong and the Longines Masters of Los Angeles, Longines will also headline the Longines Masters of Paris. Throughout the years EEM has built a solid and trustworthy relationship with prestigious partners that have greatly contributed to the success of the Masters and continue to support the Longines Masters in their wonderful journey.

    including Gucci, Airbus, Dassault Falcon, the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Ceneca, Massimo Dutti, Land Rover, Hyatt, PRG, Opera Gallery, Mercedes Benz, Laiterie de Montaigu, Barons de Rothschild, Shanghai Tang, Amade, Eurosport, TVB, Equidia, LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Le Figaro, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Equestrio, Hong Kong Tatler.

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    "We are proud that Longines, which believes in our vision and has assisted us to succeed in Asia and then in the United States, has renewed its trust in us. This trust is further strengthened today as Longines becomes the title sponsor of the Longines Masters on three continents. This is a new era for the Longines Masters, and together we would like to continue to bring a new perspective to equestrian competitions through exceptional events that attract new audiences in France and abroad," states Christophe Ameeuw, Founder and President of EEM.

  • 2016 Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping

    The new ultimate sporting challenge across three continents presented by EEM is designed to bring the equestrian sports in the international spotlight and create history.
    Inspired by the legendary Grand Slam in tennis and officially recognized by the FEI, the Grand Slam Indoor introduces an unprecedented bonus of 2,25 Million Euros to the rider who can succeed in claiming top spot in the Longines Grand Prix Los Angeles, Paris and Hong Kong.
    The Super Grand Slam: 2.25 Million Euros bonus for a triple consecutive Longines Grand Prix victory starting in Los Angeles, then Paris and Hong Kong in the same season The Grand Slam: 1 Million Euros bonus for three consecutive victories in the Longines Grand Prix from one season to the next.
    With total potential prize earnings of up to 4,500,000€, this new intercontinental challenge raises EEM and its "Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping" to the ranks of legendary sporting events such as the Ryder Cup for golf, the Grand Slam for tennis and the America's Cup for sailing.
    Who will be the first rider to make the new show jumping history?

  • 2016 Longines Masters' Season II : We Ride The World

    "If equestrian sports are a matter of taste, there is still a consensus that no one can question: the beauty of the horse transcends the sport, and beyond the extraordinary performance of the riders, conveys a feeling of wonder.
    And this is doubtlessly what makes show jumping universal, transcending countries, cultures and populations. Its treasured values do not need rules to exist. They are shared without effort as a testimonial. There is something profoundly captivating in the competition, like a theatrical play that mesmerizes and transports you.
    In a world that is becoming more and more digital, the experience of the live spectacle is a rare and enviable commodity. All over the world sports events gather the crowds and unlock passions, inspired by social networks as symbols of a generation that is eager to share.
    This emotion, this dream, this enchantment that we bring to our «Masters » is our mission at EEM. Each new season of the Longines Masters Series, "Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping," across three continents, three cultures, three emblematic cities, Los Angeles, Paris, and Hong Kong, we carry the values of our sport as an antidote to the venoms of our time. A few moments of wonderment in a tormented world."

    Christophe Ameeuw – Founder and President of EEM

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  • 2016 The Longines Masters of Hong Kong won the Gold Award for 'Best Live Experience at a Professional Sporting Event' at the Sports Industry Awards Asia (SPIA) 2016.

    The SPIA 2016 awards honour rights holders, marketing agencies, sports brands, events, organisations and venue operators in 19 sporting categories across 17 Asian countries. Among ten other finalists for the 'Live Experience' award were the BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore, Sime Darby LPGA by IMG Hong Kong, HSBC World Golf Championship Shanghai, Malaysia Grand Prix Formula E and ONE: Kingdom of Champions Singapore.

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  • 2017 The Longines Masters Series,
    Grand Slam of Indoor Show Jumping,
    moves to New York for Season III

    Previously held in Los Angeles, the American leg of the Grand Slam will be moving to New York and will now serve as the grand finale of the Longines Masters Series!

    New York, April 26-29 2018. The Longines Masters of New York will take place at the newly renovated NYCB LIVE, The Home of Nassau Veteran's Memorial Coliseum. This event will offer unparalleled Olympic-level sport, live music, one-of-a-kind artwork, delectable cuisine, and more…

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  • 2017 Season III

    Unveiling this season's new poster series designed by artist, Sirichai. The Bangkok born-New York based artist Sirichai finds inspiration in shape, movement, and simplicity. He studied interior architecture at kmitl, and his sophisticated, fluid, structural illustrations have brought him collaborations with tastemakers including Geoffrey Beene and Peter Marino.

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  • 2017 Riders Masters Cup

    The Riders Masters Cup is a new innovative show jumping competition between the two major equestrian powers: the United States and Europe in a never before seen transatlantic battle.
    Created by EEM and organized in partnership with the European Equestrian Federation (EEF), this transatlantic confrontation will see two teams composed of the best riders and horses on the planet square off in competition. The competition will alternate locations between Europe and the United States each season.
    For more information :

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  • 2017 The Intercontinental Longines Masters Series commended at the 2017 Grand Prix Stratégies du Sport Awards

    Stratégies, the reference brand in communications and media marketing, awarded its Silver Trophy to the Longines Masters Series, at the 10th Edition of the Grand Prix Stratégies du Sport today, in the "Event Operation" category.

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  • 2017 EEM.TV


    Strongly marked by the desire to reflect the equestrian sports and its actors, aims to bring together all audiences around a wide and varied offer, nourished by the event, through live broadcasts of classess, documentaries and original productions.

    With access the best equestrian sports for free and whenever you want: watch the Longines Masters live or replay, review the riders courses of the Longines Masters, available the next day, discover equestrian sports through portraits, magazines and documents,improve your riding with professional tutorials... And many more to come on

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  • 2018 The Asia Horse Week


    Organized alongside, the Asian leg of the Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping, the Asia Horse Week is set to become the world forum for the equestrian industry and the wider community. This unique meeting where "East meets West" is an ideal platform for sharing knowledge and expertise.
    seminars, conferences, national pavilions and different other events whose objective is to develop the silk-road between the growing Asian equestrian market and the rest of the world. Discover more on

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  • 2018 Studforlife: the leading media for equestrian news

    As a rider and lover of equine breeding, equestrian journalist and photographer Julien Counet created website in 2005 in order to share his views on his passion.

    The site has built up a loyal French-speaking audience over time and has become a leader in equestrian news.

    Acquired by the EEM group in 2018, the site is undergoing a complete overhaul and is looking internationally and with new audiences.

    Exclusive news, easy access to competition results and reporting in various episodes are the keys to the success of «». In 2020, Studforlife takes a digital turn by integrating the media Jump’inside, founded in 2016 by Théo Caviezel.

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  • 2019 Longines Masters of Lausanne

    After Paris, Hong Kong and New York, the Series will settle on the pristine shores of Lake Leman, in Lausanne.

    The new Longines Masters of Lausanne will be held from June 20 to 23, 2019 and will celebrate the beauty of the sport as the best show jumping riders and horses in the world will compete in Lausanne, home of no less than 50 sports related organisms, including the Fédération équestre internationale (FEI). Discover more on

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  • 2021 Masters of Chantilly

    In the midst of the Covid crisis and the subsequent cancellation of the Masters Series, Christophe Ameeuw, President and Founder of EEM, called on the equestrian world to reinvent itself and imagine the world of tomorrow. No sooner said than done! EEM has announced the first stage of its revival with the Masters of Chantilly, from 8th to 11th of July 2021. New event, new partner, new venue!

    With Rolex alongside as the Official Sponsor, Official Timepiece and Title Sponsor of the Grand Prix, the Masters will arrive in the capital of the horse world, bringing together the world's best riders and riding fans for four days of great sport, celebration and outdoor show against a backdrop that is unique in the world: the Château de Chantilly and its Great Stables.

    «“We are supporting the backbone of the Masters, its spirit, its quality, its great events, but in a radically new backdrop for our sport and horses, in an environment in harmony with nature and the exceptional setting of Chantilly“.

    EEM will be able to count on the support of the Chantilly Jumping association composed of passionate volunteers who over the past ten years have taken Chantilly Jumping to the highest level of competition.

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